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Feb 3, 2021

People like Gavin Shinfield don't come around very often. 

This is a man who as a youngster grabbed life by the horns, absorbed as much culture as possible, and then set himself on the path to purposeful business.

He lives and breathes CSR, and that's why we had to have him on the podcast.

For this episode of Ellis Knight's The Ethical Recruiter, the business podcast that's NOT about recruitment, Paul, Dave and Patrick chat to Gavin about his story behind the foundations of Kyan.

Topics covered:

Gavin's parents plunging him into a childhood growing up in Saudi Arabia.

His take on education and how he felt it impacted on his career.

How he managed to convert a friend from his formative years into a business partner. 

His studies in Italy.

Gavin's lightbulb moment that led to a realisation he wanted to get 'adulting' with his art.

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