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Jan 20, 2021

As a Planet Mark accredited business, (listen to Planet Mark's Steve Malkin on The Ethical Recruiter, here) Ellis Knight International Recruitment are big fans of like-minded companies. 

That's why we knew we had to chat with the boss of B Corp accredited Seacourt, whose strapline is 'Planet Positive Printing'!

Gareth Dinnage lives and breathes sustainability and environmental awareness.

This is another fun and humorous conversation between a bunch of men who have a lot in common. 

However, there is a serious question at the heart of all this:

What more can we do to help the global fight to save our planet? This episode answers that question...


Topics covered:

Gareth's 'connection' to one half of a well-known footballing brotherhood.

His chosen career path and how loyalty and persistence paid off.

What led him to taking Seacourt on the journey to sustainability.

How easy it is to make an immediate change, right now.


Useful links you might want to check out after listening:

The Queen's Awards

Seacourt's website

The Better Business Pack that Gareth mentioned


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