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Dec 23, 2020

Have you set up the business you dreamed of running? 

Or are you spending every spare moment planning and preparing your own business to get going in the future?

Whichever one applies to you, have you at any point considered how you can use that business to do good in the world? 

To create change? To have impact?

To contribute to a more positive world full of giving?

In this episode of "The Ethical Recruiter", Paul, Dave and Patrick talk with Masami Sato, founder of B1G1, a global impacts project which was set up with the following question in mind; “What if every business could make a difference in their own way, just by doing what they normally do?”

You'll learn how easy it is to help people far worse off than yourself simply by doing the things you're already doing anyway

How you can help RIGHT NOW:

Sign up, and make a difference!

The team at Ellis Knight International Recruitment have rallied together with our friends at B1G1 to create the virtual christmas run. It's completely free to enter, and not only can you win prizes, but you'll also be contributing massively to the world.

Click this to get your tickets.

Topics covered:

Masami's childhood in Japan, and her initial fears of the word being a scary place.

The food industry, and its contribution to the overall B1G1 vision.

Her move to Australia and New Zealand, setting up businesses.

Falling pregnant, living a simple life and literally growing children in food packaging.

Masami's thoughts on the importance of gratitude, honesty, and doing something positive every day, to contribute.

Why she thinks every business should obtain the "Impact Widget" and put it on their website.


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