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Feb 24, 2021

Do you cover your battle scars with war paint?

The chances are, if you're a man who's reading this, you've never considered the idea of doing the morning routine of applying make up. 

Danny Gray, founder of War Paint For Men wants to start a movement. He's trying to shift attitudes towards using make up being a woman-only ritual. 

He's been doing it for years now, and he claims that men wearing make up isn't anything that new, it's just been stigmatised in modern times.

During this powerful conversation, you'll hear how Danny came to become the fashion and mental health powerhouse, that he's now become.

You'll hear how he made the decision to rise up against his bullies, and combat the self-doubt they'd planted in the playground.

In this episode of The Ethical Recruiter, Paul, Dave and Patrick chat with Danny about the pain he's endured, and how he's converted that into strength.

He tells the story of how an appearance on popular BBC television show Dragons' Den led to a surge in fortune, and some incredible connections including entertainer Stephen Fry.

Topics covered:

The bullying over Danny's ears (5m)

The meeting with the bully (8m)

The benefits of male skin care (11m)

Starting out in work (21m)

Going on Dragons' Den (24m)

Collaborations with Norwich FC and Stephen Fry (31m)

Dealing with imposter syndrome (34m)

Handling the business (37m)

Danny's Quickfire Round (46m)

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