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Feb 10, 2021

When it comes to what "The Ethical Recruiter" podcast is about, it doesn't come more 'on-brand' than this episode! 

Karen Williams OBE is the epitome of exceeding expectations and proving a careers advisor wrong!

In this episode of the recruitment podcast that's NOT a recruitment podcast, we learn how an immediate disconnect with conventional education led to an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Listen as Karen describes the thought-process behind her transition from would-be carpenter, to CEO of one of the most wonderful of life-changing charities in the UK, Buddy Bag Foundation.

You'll also hear the origin story of network marketing behemoth Utility Warehouse, and you'll discover the reason she and her then husband set that business up.

Topics covered:

Thoughts on university education and the alternative of an apprenticeship (16m)

The value of a 'university of life' education (18m)

Returning to the UK (19m)

The beginnings of Utility Warehouse (26m)

What is Buddy Bag? (36m)

The Buddy Bag 'Challenge Box' (40m)

How to get involved in Buddy Bag on a corporate level, and why you should do so (44m)

Getting an OBE (45m)

Karen's 'Quickfire' Round (47m)

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