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Jan 13, 2021

This isn't an episode about sustainability. It isn't even really an episode about business.

Yes, it has sustainability within business as its central theme. And, indeed the subject's discussed all the way through. However, this episode is actually all about love. Planet Mark CEO Steve Malkin himself even points that out.

During this hilarious but also heart-warming conversation, Steve shares his story of growing up, enjoying family holidays in Kent, and discovering a love for engineering in his school days.

This passion carried him through university, and a career in motor racing, both in the cars and trackside.

It wasn't long before he started getting recognised for his talent at getting things done, using press and marketing skills.

He then started on the path to where he is now - helping businesses discover how they can contribute towards reducing carbon and saving the planet as well as their own profit margins. 

Ellis Knight is a proudly certified Planet Mark company and so we couldn't resist getting Steve on to chat with Paul, Patrick and Dave.

Even we couldn't have predicted how much laughter would be shared in this unmissable episode.


Topics covered:

Steve's experience in motor racing and how that impacted on how he does business.

How he came to organise charity Guinness World Record Events.

What led Steve Malkin to want to do something to tackle climate change.

His close working working relationship with Eden Project's Sir Tim Smit.

How easy it is to commit your company, no matter how small, to helping save the planet.


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