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Dec 16, 2020

As a recruitment company we're always impressed by the many go-getters we meet. There are very few people who go-get like Tony Carson. Growing up in Berkshire, he didn't have the easiest of starts. At a young age, he suffered with parental tragedy, and serious health scares.

His academic career wasn't hugely inspired, either.

But he didn't let any of that stop him.

Tony's story is a massively inspiring one for any business owner or passionate employee who wants to reach excellence.  

Having made a name for himself in Michelin starred restaurants, Tony now looks down at the New York skyline on a daily basis, thanks to his excellence in hospitality.

Listen to Tony's story as he describes his ordeal of dealing with a  difficult boss early on in his career,  finding a mentor he could truly connect with, and reaching goals beyond his dreams, working with some of the best in the hospitality business including Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.

Tony also talks about his process of dealing with mental health issues, stemming from his high pressure role being the boss of a highly rated New York restaurant.

This is a wonderful. funny and insightful podcast episode for anyone who wants to be inspired to achieve more.

You can learn more about The Modern and even keep an eye on their available careers options, here.

Topics covered:

  • Tony's early years in Bracknell.
  • Leaving school to start in hospitality.
  • Tony's first true mentor.
  • Working with Gordon Ramsay.
  • Moving on to Heston Blumenthal.
  • The leadership skills he's learned and his inspirations.
  • His move to New York.
  • How mental health affects him.
  • His coping mechanisms while dealing with the pressures of running successful New York restaurant "The Modern".

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