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Jan 6, 2021

Can you imagine the pain of having to say goodbye to your child, decades before you expected to? That's the challenge faced by those who benefit most from the hard work that Paul Morgan and his colleagues are doing.

Paul's is a story worth hearing. You won't just learn more about Naomi House and Jacksplace and the incredible value they're bringing to the world. You'll also learn more about Paul, and why he does what he does. Our hope is that you'll feel inspired to undertake a similar mission once you've heard him tell his story.

What he's experienced that's brought him to where he is.

Why he continues to fight against the obstacles such as Covid.

We're not suggesting you drop everything and go into fundraising. 

We're simply suggesting you think about where you are, and how you can get to where you know you need to be.

Warning: You WILL cry while listening.

Topics covered:

Paul's Christian upbringing and how he feels it's shaped his vision.

His fascinating story of maritime mission work which eventually took him to party capital, New Orleans!

His non-judgemental approach to different cultures.

What brought him to Naomi House, and the reasons he stays.

The important difference between the commonly believed purpose, and the actual purpose, of a hospice.

The heartwarming story of Jayden and "Spider Dad."

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