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Feb 17, 2021


What was your upbringing like? Did you have your father around growing up? Do you realise the impact on those who didn't?

In this episode of The Ethical Recruiter, Paul, Dave and Patrick chat with Dr Richard Kay, the founder of Chapter2.

He shares his own story of growing up in a loving home, and the benefits he admits he enjoyed from that experience.

He also talks about the impact that growing up fatherless can have on a young boy.

He explains how important mentoring can be for a young boy's development, and talks us through the ways we can help.

He also mentions a relevant film that's close to this topic. 

You can watch the trailer, here.

Topics covered:

Richard's love of Swindon Town back in his youth (6m)

Growing up with an inspirational father (10m)

The theory of "have you got what it takes?" and Richard's time at university (13m)

Dave's personal Dad story (16m)

Mentoring your own children (17m)

Stats about fatherlessness' (24m)

Changing attitudes to relational poverty (26m)

The work/life balance (29m)

All about Chapter2, the why, and how to get involved (35m)

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