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Nov 25, 2020

In this laugh-filled, disruptive and very inspiring business-savvy episode, the lads talk with B Corp's biggest UK fan, Paul Hargreaves. If you don't know what B Corp is, you'll definitely want to listen!

Paul’s something of a pioneer in the world of purpose-driven business, having started with a vision: to put people before profit.

He's also written a popular and best-selling book all about it.

He's one of the founding members of the B Corporation certification initiative, which has origins in the US. He was inspired to get involved through the boss at high-end frozen food supplier, Cook.

Ellis Knight are hoping to soon be certified as a B Corporation, so we’re delighted to welcome Cotswold Fayre Chief Executive Paul Hargreaves on the show, to explain it! 

Cotswold Fayre's Paul Hargreaves

In this conversation, you’ll hear how Paul came from the struggling north, worked his way up through business doing ‘normal’ jobs and rubbing shoulders with 'normal' people. You’ll also hear how he eventually took a trip to Africa that changed his perspective, and ultimately his life!

There’s a lot to learn in this episode, and Paul isn’t afraid to give his views on subjects as diverse as the demise of capitalism, the danger of hiring the wrong kind of business coach, the value of ex prisoners, and how to have success in selling.

But it’s not all seriousness. You’ll laugh along as you hear tales of river-sodden vehicles and backwards skiing.

Topics covered:

  • The origins of Cotswold Fayre and how a drive to make positive change led to the company's current ethos.
  • Paul's humble start selling part time and the mistakes he learned from during that time.
  • The importance of doing more as a business 'outside of the business', including charity work.
  • The secret formula for the successful employment of ex prisoners. 
  • The truth about business plans and the importance of hiring a business coach or mentor when you're a start-up.
  • How people don't want the flashy corporate jobs with the cool-sounding titles anymore!
  • The unexpected transformative difference Paul made by visiting a Kenyan orphanage.
  • The pandemic's legacy of shifting purchases back home to the community.

You'll also hear what Cotswold Fayre has in common with big name brands like Body Shop and Ella's Kitchen