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Jan 26, 2021

When did you last go to the toilet? Bet it was in the past few hours? It's ok, we don't need the details!

Imagine if you couldn't go to the toilet. At least not into a fit for purpose bowl. Not only would it make you uncomfortable, it would also be quite risky, health wise.

That's the problem that a lot of countries around the world face.

Toilet Twinning are doing their part to fix this.

During this episode of Ellis Knight's The Ethical Recruiter, the business podcast that's NOT about recruitment, Paul, Dave and Patrick chat with Lorraine Kingsley about her remarkable story.

After starting off as a young media professional with dreams of working for the BBC, she eventually found her way into the charity sector.

She swapped microphones for fundraising and the rest is history. 

Topics covered:

Lorraine's early life as a radio presenter and her near miss in an armed stand off in Gambia!

Her views on whether she felt university helped her career.

What led her from being a gifted writer to getting stuck in with the NGO space. 

Her approach to meeting the charity's Sustainable Development Goals.

Why she feels so passionate about Toilet Twinning, and the brilliant work it's doing!


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