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Mar 3, 2021

It's International Women's Day on Monday. 

For this reason, we decided it was definitely time for celebrating the ladies of Ellis Knight

They're the heart and soul of our business, and how we're able to position ourselves as an ethical recruiter.

Without them, we'd be at a total loss. 

During this conversation, you'll hear Paul, Dave and Patrick chat with Emma, Sammie, Maddie, and Stephanie!

They cover a lot of ground.

Emma shares her experiences of dealing with mental health, and her joys of being involved with our partners at B1G1.

We hear from Sammie about first impressions, company culture, and general workplace 'bants'.

Maddie shares her thoughts on the value of university.

And Stephanie, who is our resident marketing genius shares her story of gaining worldly experience via a stop in Australia, before coming on board with Ellis Knight.

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Topics covered:

The importance of considering mental health in the workplace.

Balancing work life with motherhood.

Our partnership with B1G1.

Company culture.

Being an ethical recruiter

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